Astound® Surgical Standard Gown XX-Large 18/case

Astound® Surgical Standard Gown XX-Large 18/case


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Astound surgical gown's lightweight fabric and outstanding barrier protection are designed for the demands of today's clinical workplace. Our gowns are available in standard, fabric-reinforced and impervious-reinforced styles to meet varying protection needs in the OR.Large reinforcements in the chest and sleeves on the fabric-reinforced and impervious-reinforced gowns give extra barrier protection where it's needed most. The generous sizing of our gowns in several key areas improves fit and comfort. For more additional room in the shoulders and chest, we offer our gowns in a raglan-sleeve design. Each gown comes with a hand towel.Standard and fabric-reinforced gowns are classified as AAMI Level 3. Astound Surgical Standard Non-Reinforced Gown XX-Large 18/case

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Weight 9.1 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 10.5 × 17 in