Blue Line Ultra® Cuffed Tracheostomy Tubes 9.0mm 1each/Box



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Why Choose Portex® Blue Line Ultra® Tracheostomy Tubes:

Easy to Insert:

  • Arc is tapered anteriorly to keep distal tip midline
  • Tapered tip eases placement
  • Hollow obturator with retaining clips and hemispherical tip aid tube insertion
  • Soft-Seal® cuff with low profile and smooth transition to the tube eases insertion


  • Thermosensitive material, with sufficient initial rigidity for insertion, conforms to the individual patient’s upper respiratory tract at body temperature
  • Clear, anatomically-shaped flange provides better access for stoma care
  • Smooth inner cannula resists secretion adherence and reduces the tube’s inner diameter by only 1mm, producing minimal airway resistance
  • 15mm connector is bonded to the tube, allowing attachment of a ventilator breathing circuit even when an inner cannula is not present

Tube Size: 9.0 mm

Tube I.D.: 9.0 mm

Tube O.D.: 13.3 mm

Tube Length: 81.0 mm




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