ENZOL Enzymatic Detergent, 1 Gal

ENZOL Enzymatic Detergent, 1 Gal


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The detergent provides a one-step cleaning process, with the enzyme breaking down organic matter such as blood, feces, or mucous, while the surfactants remove the matter from the equipment.

May be used for precleaning instruments in automated equipment such as endoscope reprocessors, ultrasonic cleaners, and washer sterilizers/decontaminators, in accordance with equipment manufacturers’ recommendations.

    • Effective and thorough action with protease enzyme and surfactants.
    • Hand-operated pump dispenses one fluid ounce of product per stroke.
    • Fast acting: begins to act in just one minute, allowing a fast turnaround of instruments.
    • User-friendly: low foaming with a mild pH.

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 13 × 14 in
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