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Magellan™ Hypodermic Safety Needle


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Unlike other safety devices on the market, the Magellan™ safety needle features a robust shield that encases the entire cannula after activation, which protects downstream workers. Its proprietary integrated locking mechanism prevents deactivation of the device once the safety shield has been locked into place. Every Magellan™ safety needle may be activated using thumb, finger, or a flat surface. These needle-based safety devices that protect the healthcare worker from accidental needlestick injuries.

  • Each Magellan™ safety needle is individually inspected more than 20 times throughout the manufacturing process to ensure optimum quality
  • The unique Magellan™ safety needle design and ultra-durable shield ensure the needle remains protected even under the most extreme circumstances
  • Magellan™ safety needle strikes the perfect balance by providing a device that offers exceptional safety while still remaining affordable
  • Easy to use, practical and intuitive one handed activation via multiple methods (finger, thumb or surface) enables clinical flexibility for safe delivery of medication
  • Robust safety shield covers entire needle, providing unparalleled protection after disposal
  • Integrated engineering controls incorporate the safety device as an integral part of the needle hub in conformance with OSHA standards, eliminating the possibility of removal