UltraSlide™ Bottom Sheets


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The Swift™ UltraSlide™ System is a fitted bottom sheet modified with a low-friction panel down the center and is used together with a Swift™ Patient Positioner. UltraSlide™ should be used when patients/residents have little or no mobility and require extensive or total assistance for repositioning in bed.

Used individually or together, the two parts of the Swift™ UltraSlide™ System reduce the force required to turn or repositon bed-bound patients/residents.

  • Special, stretch UltraKnit™ construction provides a smooth surface and accommodates a wide range of healthcare mattress sizes
  • Central low-friction panel of blue taffeta significantly reduces resistance when used in conjunction with the Swift™ Positioner
  • Blue taffeta panel includes carbon fibers to reduce static build-up
  • Durable, 100% synthetic fabric ensures quick drying and longevity