BLUselect® Suctionaid® Tracheostomy Tubes 6.0mm 1each/Box

BLUselect® Suctionaid® Tracheostomy Tubes 6.0mm 1each/Box


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Each Suctionaid® tube is equipped with an additional lumen to permit effective removal of secretions above the cuff, minimising the risk of aspiration. The suction lumen can be used to apply continuous or intermittent suction (thumb valve included) above the cuff. Change kits include a J-tip guidewire to help ensure the correct placement of the replacement tube.

  • Integral 15 mm connector allows for ventilation with or without inner cannula in place
  • Special obturator clip design minimizes obturator movement during tube insertion
  • SOFT-SEAL® cuff low pressure, high volume cuff for minimal trauma while providing effective seal
  • When deflated, the cuff fits smoothly to the tube minimizing discomfort during insertion and removal
  • Thermosensitive material with sufficient initial rigidity for insertion which, when heated to body temperature then conforms to the individual’s upper respiratory tract ensuring minimal trauma

Tube Size: 6.0 mm

Tube I.D.: 6.0 mm

Tube O.D.: 9.2 mm

Tube Length: 64.5 mm

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 3 in


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